Welcome to Your New Life Books! The new home for great Christian books plus, we have an amazing clothing store full of beautiful dresses as well as devotions.  

We found each other by our passion to spread our testimony in what God brought us through.  Both of us are authors and through our same publisher, we found each other.  Now, we share our passion for God together through speaking, our books and products!



Jeremy's Journey

 Jeremy was full of life and laughter as a child. Then, suddenly, darkness invaded his life without warning.  The darkness came from someone he looked up to and stole the joy from his heart. It was one thing after another, and his joy was replaced with despair, and his will to live was gone. Darkness and drugs are the life he knows now and prison awaits. Will he find life, love, and the healing which can only come from Jesus Christ? Will he see the light? Will he know the light, and will he let the light of Jesus in and restore what was lost?  

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Through rocky marriages and devastating losses Jesus Christ led us to Him. Our Christian Books will show you just how Gods undying love and give you strength like non other. dont forget we’re also a clothing store with our special design dresses will show the world the power of Gods love 

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Christian Books to help you step into a new life in Christ. Were also a clothing store show your undying faith to the world!  look at our beautiful dresses today!

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At Your New  Books our christian books aren’t just for adults we have a great selection for children as well plus our clothing store is second to none we have a beautiful selection of dresses to!